Friday, April 18, 2008

Down Memory Lane

Oh what memories are when I went back to hometown and found many old pictures. Looking through these pictures suddenly transported me to the 80's, the era I was born in. I didn't know I looked cute and nerdy also. Haha....How I wish my family now is what was before as shown in the pictures. Well, let the pictures speak of the memories.

Small boy Jon with daddy in his computer shop. The computer shop was burnt down in a year time I think. I have not much memories of it anyway.

Mummy's boy kissing mummy. It was year 1984, and I was only 2 years old.

Sorry for the random years of picture. This was in 1990, I was eight at that time. Me and my little sister playing tanglungs.

Myself and mummy and daddy. I was probably 9 or 10 years old. That was the start of me wearing spectacles.

My 'yee-chai' (means small aunty), in some place I really don't know where. I was a nerd, gosh...

Both my maternal and paternal grandmums together with our family. I think it was some airport, probably in Penang bayan lepas. Parents leaving for US to work. Myself and sis were actually very sad to see them leave....first time.

My maternal grandparents. This is one picture I really will cherish a lot. Grandpa just passed away, and hardly had any picture taken of him with us and grandma. Thank God I found this.

I think I was at the age of 12 or 13. I looked nerdy. Dad still has a lot of hair. Sis was plump!

Our family during our grandma's birthday celebration in Legend Inn. Mum always looked beautiful. Dad as hensem as always.

Okay, I was in the Pancaragam playing 'Recorder'. I was only 11, and already looked so nerdy. Plump too. I was in Primary 5.

This is me when I was in Form 4, aged 16. Still nerdy huh. But because of my plumpiness, my height shot up, exceeding all my family member's height. This is my youth that I remembered.
Well, I have so many more pictures. But these are just some to display my childhood and some little memories left in my brain. These pictures speak more than I could remember. Now, everybody knows Jon was a little boy who loves his family and was not vain 'yet'. Hehe...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Penang Trip : Ho ho ho!!

w u Finally the pictures are post-processed!! It was all fun fun fun....Praise the Lord!

Even inflated toy lizard Maria can't let go...tsk tsk tsk!

Guess who this is?

Uncle JL : Next again!! ho ho!

Chinese saying : Patrick picked up gold. Not the one he's holding, but the one on his shoulder.

Chi chi Mok put behind bars.

This watermelon sure looks juicy inside..

What is Lix trying to do la? Girls flocking to see show la...

The Five heavenly Kings

Angela's angels

Far-east meets far-east

ooOooOOooo....woot woot!

Circle of Friends, partly...

Pre-wedding picture ar?

Eh! Monkey in the car!!

The Twilight

The girl who owed me Baskin Robbins....couldn't do an interview in Penang.

Yam yam. very yum yum.

Dead lizard.....Maria's fault!

Monkey freedom

Kelvin's cousin brother

Merry happy couple

EEwww! What is this?

Monster revealing...

Monster arr!!!!

Yeah..the gang!

Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung & Apprentice

OooOOoo....pre-wedding picture...

Oh! What a shelter!

Ah Poh must be stripping on top of the hill....these girls wouldn't miss their chances!

The girl who still owes me Baskin Robbins....................

One of my favourite subject matters

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tanjung Keruing : 15/16th March 08

Praise God for a telematch weekend in Tanjung Keruing!! Everybody had great fun, great food and great journey....Let the pictures speak....

Was class boring or Yaya did not drink coffee?


Oh no....acting guru besar Cynthia showing signs of....boringness?! Yawn!

Ah Poh trying hard to keep his mouth close from yawning big..

Carol the teacher

Hand guiding hand...

"Talk to the hand" in other words, "Don't snap me!!"

Oh noo....another teacher getting sleepy. Kelvin has reached his maximum level of soberness. Ok..class ends here.

Journey to Kampung Air Itam.

"Oi...apa ni"

Clem smokin' or whistlin'?

Carol & Nancy demo during telematch


Ah Poh stepping on dog shit. GROSS!!

Cheer cheer!!

Coconuts for sale.

Cynthia & Nancy demo.

Adohai, terjatuh!

Ah Poh demo on coconut bowling.

Overview on telematch.

Cameo appearance : Kelvin the dragqueen.

Last game, prizes awaiting!

"Thank you, Batin!!"

Vineyard cell & Aunty MJ